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Q:     When should I contact the Event Coordinator to reserve my event date?

A:     4-12 months in advance, however, we book parties within a shorter time frame if necessary.

Q:     Will stylists travel to our party location?

A:     For insurance purposes, Satori stylists are unable to commute to event locations.

Q:     Why are brides required to have a makeup and/or hair trial?

A:     Trial appointments establish an open communication between the stylist and the client. It allows both parties to share their ideas to find the perfect style and eliminate stress on your special day.

Q:     How far before my event should I schedule bridal trial appointments?

A:     1-3 months is ample time prior to a wedding for trial appointments.

Q:     What is the cost for bridal trial?

A:     We do charge for our bridal trials. They are the cost of the event-day appointment(s).

Q:     What may I expect at the trial appointment?

A:     - Stylists are allotted 75 minutes for hairstyles and 1 hour for makeup application(s);
- During this time, we are able to complete one style start-to-finish or partially setup 2-3 styles to establish a general style idea. We encourage guests to bring visuals and ideas to all consultations.

Q:     How many guests can Satori accommodate?

A:     The amount of guests we can accommodate for any given event depends entirely on the date, the services desired, and the number of stylists available.

Q:     Do we allow food and drink?

A:     We encourage guests to enhance their Satori experience with catering. The best part is that our staff will pick up, set up and clean up. Dishware, flatware, and glassware are provided. The event coordinator is able to discuss catering in detail .

Q:     What is the cancelation policy?

A:     Cancelations for parties are required 1 month prior to the date of services being received. If cancelation is given one month prior to the event and guest has paid in full, they will be refunded the total paid minus the 50% non-refundable deposit.

Q:     How do I secure my party reservation?

A:     - We require a non-refundable downpayment of 50% of the total cost of services when the contract is signed.
- Payment in full is required no later than one month before the event.

Q:     Punctuality?

A:     To accommodate guests efficiently, your promptness is required and appreciated. We cannot guarantee appointments for party members arriving more than 10 minutes past their scheduled appointment times. This is considered a "no show/late cancellation". If time allows, the client will have the option to receive an abbreviated version of the service at no discount. Due to scheduling conflicts, it is implausible to adjust appointment times or services around on the event day to accommodate late guests.

Q:     Can I bring my photographer to the salon with me?

A:     Photographers are welcome to capture your memories at Satori, however please ask them to remain a respectable distance from the stylist while they are working with guests.

Q:     Does Satori offer packages for groups?

A:     All services are a la carte. Clients may choose the services to suit their needs.

Q:     May I book the entire facility?

A:     Yes. Satori encourages large parties to book the entire facility. Costs depend on day, time and service types.

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